Spring 2017 Trends: Color you won’t be blue over

Alyssa Hugel

Posted on April 23 2017

Spring 2017 Trends: Color you won’t be blue over

              Every season there is always that one color that seems to make it into everyone’s closet one way or another. For this we can all thank Pantone, whom announces their fashion color report for the upcoming season which includes the top 10 most used colors during NY fashion week. This spring there was not one but three shades of blue; from light to dark we saw Island paradise, Lapis blue and Niagra. It’s always exciting when shades of blue are the focal point of everyone’s wardrobe because it’s a color that matches everyone’s complexion, wardrobe, and style.

         Out of the three shades, Lapis Blue, radiates the most energy and confidence and when wearing the color your child will just radiate joy. Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo, Versace, Paul Smith and almost every other designer we carry has at least one piece of clothing or an accessory that utilizes this color. For chilly spring nights a sweatshirt is always a necessity and Versace’s Boys Medusa Logo pullover is one of our favorite uses of this color.  For hot summer days Karl Lagerfeld boys ‘Kameo’ graphic t-shirt matched with Hugo Bosses Logo flip-flops adds the perfect amount of color pop to his beach day outfit.

          The lightest of the three, Island Paradise, is exactly how it sound; when wearing this aqua hue expect them to feel relaxed and refreshed all spring long. We love how Moschino used this color on their boy’s swim shorts with their fun teddy bear and beach theme logo down the pant leg. When designers used both Island Paradise and Lapis blue in their designs it created beautiful color combinations that make each piece so much more eye catching. Chloe’s girl’s rainbow blouse is simply stunning thanks to the color melting effect of these shades of blue on the flowing material. With a pop of red, Kenzo’s use of these two shades are so fun and festive for the spring month with their ‘Escale’ pattered bottoms. Taking note to this we highly recommend mixing and matching these shades for a stunning color combinations.

        Last but certainly not least is Niagara blue, resembling a classic denim color that exuded comfort and dependability just like our favorite pair of jeans. Stella McCartney’s girls polka dot tulle dress truly shows the magic of this color and how it can be used for more formal occasions. By designing the dress into two layering pieces allows any little girl to play all day in a casual dress and then add the top layering tulle dress to feel more dolled up when going out to dinner in style. As for boys, Fendi’s slips in this stunning color on their baby monster shoes and monster buckle belt that we simply can’t get enough of.


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