Styling the Future

Alyssa Hugel

Posted on April 09 2017

Styling the Future

           My closet is bursting at the seams yet, “I have nothing to wear” crossed my mind. This is a thought that has frustrated me more times than I would like to admit since a very young age. Even after my electric blue, faux snake skin moto jacket and my collection of bright floral headbands, no one could stop my 6-year-old self from feeling like I needed the newest trends to add to my collection. It was always the bold pieces that made me feel like I could take on the world but, I’ll have to admit that the small studded details on my mini Fendi handbag thrilled me the most. That same bag I have and use till this day, thanks to the remarkable craftsmanship and classic design that Fendi is so well known for.  


          That’s the beauty of designer brands, they take the time and put thought into every stage involved in crafting each piece. Even though the overall look might be what is most important to us, that extra warmth and softness a cashmere sweater brings is always appreciated. Our kids are no different and they appreciate that extra lace detail around the trim oh her Chloé top or the versatility of a reversible belt with a show stopping Versace medusa buckle.


          Each person’s individual fashion sense, like a photo, is worth a million words without actually saying anything at all.  We throw on a pair of sweats when feeling lazy on a Sunday or a great pair of fitted jeans with a dressy top to feel a little extra special on a casual weekday. Children are forming their own opinions at earlier ages as they become more aware of the world around them. Sky’s the limit is becoming too small for the younger generations and as parents we love to help them succeed and blossom.


          Here at Petit New York, we are dressing the entrepreneurs, CEO’s, designers and leaders of the future. We strive to always keep up to date on the latest fashion trends to bring them to you to dress your little adult in. From casual to formal, we have the fun and sophisticated looks for every occasion with quality and timeless designs from some of the worlds most renowned fashion houses.


Keep an eye out for our new weekly blog where we will discuss and analyze the latest news and trends in the high fashion industry.

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