The 3 Rules to Rocking Athleisure

Alyssa Hugel

Posted on May 14 2017

The 3 Rules to Rocking Athleisure

               We all have those mornings where you wake up and just go straight for the sweatpants because adding all the extra accessories to your outfit just seams like too much extra effort.  So can we all take a minute to thank the fashionista who drove the athleisure trend to where it is today. We’ve seen this trend of sporting our gym clothes all day become more and more popular among everyone in the past year and we can’t help but love it. Why should we sacrifice fashion for comfort when we can have both and the answer is we shouldn’t! So we have come up with three rules for you when following the athleisure craze to stay comfy and chic.  

 1. Intertwine this seasons trend

          Although it’s important to always have a pair of classic black leggings like Versace’s black medusa stud leggings, keep in mind the patterns and colors we discussed in our last blog posts for this spring season. If you are trying to match a busy top, try Fendi girls light blue leggings that remind us of this seasons Island Paradise color trend or Kenzo marine blue leggings identical in color to stunning Lapis Blue. Versace girl’s Baroque leggings are a perfect mix of the floral and stripe trend also happening right now. For boys you will definitely want to check out all Kenzo has to offer for baby boys and boys! For baby’s our favorites are the bright orange sweatpants with tigers embroidered on the knees and the soft powder blue bottoms with tapered ankle cuffs. Match with a cool graphic t-shirt by Little Eleven Paris or Scotch & Soda to complete a quick go to outfit.  

2. Keep your sneakers crisp

          My favorite part of this trend is the footwear options because what kid wouldn’t pick a comfy pair of sneakers over sandals especially if your toes are not painted. This big must with this rule is always keep your sneakers looking clean and fresh to maintain the chic athleisure image. For boys, Fendi ‘Monster’ high-top sneakers are super stylish and will dress up their casual look with a fun twist thanks to the bright pop of red and yellow. Maybe he wants his foot wear to subtle and classy, check out a classic pair of black high-tops by Karl Lagerfeld with a quilted effect. The black and white contrast will match a variety of outfits and can be used in casual outfits or even for more formal occasions. For girls, Chloe pink and white mini-me sneakers are the gorgeous addition to her athleisure style and are made in both baby and girls sizes. 

3. Layers on layers!

          This may not seam like not a great idea at first but trust me you are going to worship this rule. Here in New York we go from sunshine filled mornings to rainy afternoons on to windy nights. It’s hard to really plan a functioning outfit for the day when the weather changes more than your wardrobe. Felling a little chilly? That’s fine because she can throw on that Marc Jacobs flannel she has tied around her waist. For boys, we love the bomber look paired with sweats, Paul Smith navy nylon jacket will match any cool guys style! Looking for something a little more laid back, all of Kenzo’s embroidered tiger sweatshirts are a flawless option when battling the irrational weather changes. Soft pink, eye catchy green, and deep blue color’s are just a few of the shades that are showcased in this line.


Sometimes our personal styles leave us with not the comfiest outfit choices. Try out this raging athleisure trend that makes fashion functional and tell us how you like to style it.

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