Jump into Summer with Stylish Footwear

Alyssa Hugel

Posted on June 09 2017

Jump into Summer with Stylish Footwear

            When putting together an outfit, most of us will first pick out the clothes, accessories, and then finally the shoes. Depending on how intricate and flashy my outfit is, is what dictates what shoes and accessories I’m going to rock. But sometimes out of nowhere I will find those show stopping shoes that I know will be the focal point of my outfit and then everything revolves around them. This SS17 season designers like Fendi, Chloe, and Versace have given us those one of a kind pieces that will leave everyone wanting to copy your style. So let’s talk about the styles that designers gave us this past runway season that are for the bold trend setters to try.

For her: Unique details

           There are so many simple yet chic pairs of shoes to choose from like Chloe’s classic black suede ballet flats or Armani’s navy, bow sandals to match any detailed ensemble. For a classic shape but eye catching details we simply have fallen in love with Chloes metallic footwear options from this current season. The rose gold flats are simply to die for, the scalloped edges are so adorable as they add the perfect amount of shine to a simple outfit like Lanvin's black, ruffled dress or Stella McCartney’s navy, star dress. While Chloe’s multi colored metallic sandals will match a ton of different colors so she can pair them with just about any outfit.

            For an even more bold style, look no further than Fendi’s leather and fur ‘Monster’ sneakers. The baby girls option is so much fun as the bright yellow fur down the top pops on the white leather sneaker. The velcro strap has the designers iconic monster eyes embossed on them as everyone will envy their footwear. Girls have a similar but subtle pair of these shoes in black with hot pink as the pop of color on the Velcro strap. These sneakers will match flawlessly and add fun details to the Fendi ‘monster' long-sleeved jersey dress for an effortless ensemble.  

For boys: Sandals + Socks

I have always thought of this trend as what my uncle would do to embarrass us and we would end up pretending we didn’t know him when out in public. This men’s SS17 season, Versace displayed the socks and sandals look more than a few times and I’m going to have to admit, it’s completely grown on me. Maybe it’s the subtleness of the socks since they match the color of the sandals or it’s the Versace logo details that make this look chic. You will feel like a confident trend setter; if you are bold enough to sport this style we have a couple of fierce options for you to choose from.

First being Versace’s grey leather slides, that are great for slipping on when running out of the house or going to brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The neutral color lets you mix and match with different colored socks; go for a funky look by matching them with a bright and colorful pair of Paul Smith striped socks or be a little subtler by wearing grey and black striped Fendi monster socks. Our second favorite way to style this look is with Versaces Navy leather gladiator styled sandals. The cool medusa coin detail makes these shoes unique and a perfect focal point to his outfit. Our Hugo Boss boys grey and navy socks set is a perfect option for him because he can either use the solid navy or the fun navy and grey stripes depending on his style and mood.

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