Say Hello to White All Year Round

Alyssa Hugel

Posted on May 28 2017

Say Hello to White All Year Round

          Now that memorial day weekend is here I figured it would be a good time to battle the old age idea that we’ve all been faced with before, ‘don’t wear white after labor day until memorial day’. This ancient rule has been tossed around from generation to generation and surprisingly, some people till this day continue to follow it. After seeing people sporting floral prints this past fall I think it’s safe to say we can throw out all the old rules and just run with our own style sense. Its time to start wearing white all year round; Check out our favorite ways to style white any time of the year.


            Classic, clean and fresh is how you will feel in a designer white on white outfit, so why wait till memorial day to feel this way? What we love about white on white is how it makes the small details and our favorite accessories truly pop. A prime example of this, is how the simple, clean shape on a Versace white skirt truly show cases the gorgeous studded Greca detailed hemline and medusa buttons down the front. Here in New York we tend to find spring to have its chilly days, so match this skirt with a white Versace long sleeved top that features the same studded details across the chest as the skirt has. On warmer days’ pair this adorable skirt with a plain white Lanvin logo T-shirt and let her have fun showcasing her favorite accessories like the perfect purse. Roberto Cavalli has a stunning sequin shoulder bag in a silver or gold tone that we can’t get enough of and neither will she.

           Boys also have a ton of options when it comes to this elegant, all white look. Armani, Scotch & Soda and Moschino all have different styles of the classic white shorts to try out this season. The linen Bermuda style shorts from Armani matched with a yellow Versace belt that features a medusa head buckle come together to make a chic statement. Go for a more relaxed look by grabbing a pair of Moschino logo sweat shorts and pairing them with a cool graphic tee that matches his personality like Stella McCartney’s Band t-shirt for the cool guy.



                So here’s the fun part that is going to leave you feeling daring and confident; wearing white all fall and winter long. Personally, every year between the summer and fall season I switch out my closet and say goodbye to all my white pieces as I push them to the back of the closet and bring my fall colors forwards. But not this year, I’m not going to say goodbye to my white bottoms. Boys, keep you Fendi, Hugo Boss, Armani, and Marc Jacobs white jeans out because you are going to need them. Match these bright whites with Fall colored tops like a navy Fendi Monster Robot Sweatshirt or blue, white and grey color block sweatshirt from Zadig & Voltaire. Match this look with one of our cool bomber jackets like Paul Smith Junior in navy blue, Little Marc Jacobs brown leather and grey wool, or our favorite, Little Eleven Paris olive green bomber. We’ve matched each jacket with a coordinated pair of boots to help you easily complete the look. Fendi’s olive green, lace up boots will go perfect with the Little Eleven Paris bomber, the Paul Smith jacket perfectly complements the Armani Junior blue snow boots, and lastly Marc Jacobs leather bomber will look awesome with Armani’s brown leather zip up boots.


There are so many ways to mix and match white in your day to day outfit all year round. Don’t stop wearing white because of some old age rule; be a trend setter and start picking out ur fall white outfits now!

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